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The steps for building a learning website with expert guidance:

Step 1: Research and plan
   Understand the needs of the target audience
   Determine the type of content to be created (e.g., text, video, audio)
   Set up a clear structure for the website

Step 2: Design and development
   Choose a suitable web framework (e.g., Django, Flask)
   Create a visually appealing design that is easy to use
   Implement the content in the website according to the plan

Step 3: SEO optimization
   Implement search engine optimization strategies to improve the visibility of the website in search results
   Ensure that all content is easily accessible and optimized for mobile devices

Step 4: Content management
   Maintain a regular flow of new content to keep users interested
   Provide a feedback mechanism for users to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements

Step 5: User engagement and community building
   Provide a platform for users to interact and share knowledge
   Encourage participation and participation in discussions and Q&A sessions
   Maintain a positive and supportive environment for all users

Step 6: Monitoring and maintenance
   Monitor website performance and user activity regularly
   Keep the website up to date with any changes in technology or user behavior
   Handle any technical issues that may arise

With these steps, you can build a successful learning website with expert guidance. Optimizing the website for search engines, ensuring accessibility, providing a user-friendly design, engaging users, maintaining a positive environment, and monitoring performance are key factors for success.